CATALYST is about providing the spark needed to bring great ideas, compelling speakers, innovative and often provocative thinking and creativity to the Wakatipu basin and beyond. It’s about making Queenstown a place to come for mental as well as adrenal challenge. It’s about upping the ante on stuff that matters.

CATALYST will work on a number of levels:

  • Instigating events around visiting speakers — respected New Zealand and international leaders in their fields — and providing ongoing discussions/forums;
  • Providing an information portal, an early warning system to communicate similar events happening in the region;
  • Developing a Festival of Ideas
  • Creating a CATALYST community encouraging the exchange of information;
  • Facilitating and/or supporting science/education/arts conferences and events;
  • Supporting youth and outstanding individuals with intellectual and cultural pursuits;
  • Working alongside New Zealand Universities and national and international institutes to provide outreach of research and innovation, and satellite bases in Queenstown;
  • Long term, encouraging the establishment of an Aspen Institute-like entity in Queenstown;
  • And helping Queenstown move towards becoming South Pacific’s “Davos Downunder” – a place for global thought leadership, think tanks and forums.

Queenstown is renowned for innovation, entrepreneurship and creative pursuits. It is home to a community rich in leaders of business, academia and the arts. Many of our visitors embody and aspire to these same ideals.

Catalyst will target this essence — the energy, creativity and challenge to move forward — by offering its audience opportunities to learn about, interact and explore options around the issues that affect the future of us all.


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