Investigative Journalism: It’s Not All Over

At a time when there is significant doom and gloom about the state of journalism in New Zealand, Paula Penfold (Investigative and Special Projects journalist with Fairfax Media) examines what the ever-changing media environment means at this U3A talk.

Paula is a broadcast journalist who, as Russell Brown recently described her career change, now “makes television for newspapers”. Paula will explain what he means and why that’s happened: television’s abandonment of current affairs, and Fairfax’s embracing of video investigative journalism. Is it working? How, practically, is it playing out?

She will also talk about some of the biggest stories she has worked on: the Teina Pora miscarriage of justice, a big investigation into New Zealand’s prison system, and a look ahead to the biggest project of her career: a NZ On Air-funded documentary series – “The Battle” – currently in production.

Admission $5.

Paula Penfold